My name is China, and this was my dog

Beautifully bizarre ceramic sculpture, ‘Deerly Beloved’ by Megan E. Craddock aka Highfire Fauna Ceramics

Edward Gordon Craig
Eve 1915



this is the best thing I have ever read.

I felt detached from my body as I read that. A large part of me just flew…

this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever read. 

I have this is in a school notebook just to read this over at school because it’s so beautiful

Alchemical manuscript. [box 04]
> From Manly Palmer Hall’s Collection.

I don’t know if some of you have been to these live reads at LACMA, where a classic film is read live on stage by actors who just sit and read the script. We did one recently of American Pie, but we reversed the gender roles. All the women played men; all the men played women. And it was so fascinating to be a part of this because, as the women took on these central roles — they had all the good lines, they had all the good laughs, all the great moments — the men who joined us to sit on stage started squirming rather uncomfortably and got really bored because they weren’t used to being the supporting cast.

It was fascinating to feel their discomfort [and] to discuss it with them afterward, when they said, “It’s boring to play the girl role!” And I said, “Yeah. Yeah. You think? Welcome to our world!

by —Olivia Wilde crushing it when she talks about women in Hollywood.  (via leanin)

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